Mobile Responsive Website Design Template

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NOTE: Do NOT use MS Internet Explorer.

Why pay $350 to $500 for more software that you then have to learn? When just this little package will get you well on your way To being a savvy MOBILE website programmer? Two hours to your first functional site!

From Desktop to Smartphone

  1. Step by step instructions.
  2. Choices of menu configuration.
  3. Automatically adjusting columns.
  4. Newspaper style columns available.
  5. Cascading style sheets are fully documented.
  6. Programmable colors fully documented.
  7. Numerous resources listed.

You can do it !!

  1. This template is comprised of a zipped raw file structure including all files required to get started.
    Download this 2.1 Mb ZIP file to your desktop or laptop computer only. Extract then open in your favorite desktop editor!
    1. Index.html shows at least one example of each type of feature.
    2. An add-in html file with common “meta” statements.
    3. Cascading stylesheet links embedded.
    4. Javascript file links embedded.
    5. Fifteen page detailed instruction manual included in PDF format.
  2. Cascading stylesheet files
    1. Custom.css defines all the standard website parameters including headers etc. as well as the scaling parameters as outlined by the @media statements (screen sizes).
    2. Gws-menu.css contains the responsive styles that work with that little box.
    3. Columnsbypercent.css is a definition of a wide range of balanced column widths by percent.
    4. Newspapercolumns.css is also just what it implies, and the columns flow automatically to accommodate a smaller size of browser or device.
  3. Javascript files as required by these stylesheets:
    1. Modernizr.js is a good defense against those folks who have old machines and cannot load the newest versions of the browsers.
    2. Gnmenu.js and Classie.js are required to make the GN Menu work right.
  4. An image folder with a few filler images in it will give you the idea of how this thing really works.

  5. The font directory is where the special fonts reside, including Fontawesome the icon font used in the responsive menu.

Buy Now thru PayPal
$39.95 for downloadable ZIP file.
NOTE: Do NOT use MS Internet Explorer.

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