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Featured Mobile-Friendly Sites:

Value Appliance Service - Old-fashioned value and care for your appliance repair! Serving all of Whatcom County from BELLINGHAM, WA. (360) 676-8039

DOMAIN FOR SALE - Poker party catering domain including business concepts and a basic three year business plan and where to get the essentials at a good price. I have a starting price, but feel free to make any offer! (360) 739-3218

Mobile Responsive Website Template - If you know just a little bit about html and cascading styles sheets, and you don't want to spend $350-$500 for software and THEN have to learn it, this template is just right for you.

WHATCOMCOUNTYPOKER.INFO Looking for a Texas Holdem tournament or cash game? Or maybe an Omaha game? Here's a calendar of scheduled games in Whatcom County which includes Bellingham, Ferndale and Blaine, Washington.

Wings Cycles - Wings Cycles, the 'Leather Specialists' is the place to go if you want to check out the newest leathers for this year, get your tires changed, grab a jacket heater or a bluetooth duo setup and hit the road. (360) 734-8477

Website History:

Some sites have been completely redone by other designers; a few of the original websites are shown in my web folio. If the banner image isn't linked, you'll know.

Permian Rock Inc. Specialists in investments in the gas & oil industry. We can find the appropriate mineral lease to fit your short or long term goals. (432) 296-6660

Rod Millar Arts - Certainly a beautiful and interesting combination of science and art. Browse this site... I hope you have an easier time than I did deciding which print you want!

BayPoint Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Now located in Ferndale, Washington Baypoint will take care of your need ASAP. You can call anytime 24/7 for assistance with your problem. (360) 734-0770

Bebout Law Firm Mt Vernon, Washington attorney since 2004 speciaizing in immigration and bankruptcy. We are readily available to take your call.

Estate Management Northwest - Going away for the Summer, Winter, or just don't want to do all that work anymore? We'll give you one person to take care of it all.

Lighthouse Audit and Investigation - provides professional, competent, independent and objective audits and investigations. Certified Fraud Examiner and Private Investigator.

Holly Community Services - is a service organization with the mission to provide residential support services to adults with intellectual disabilities. Our work is contracted through Washington State's DSHS. (360) 676-4126

Waterfront Seafood & Bar - Your neighborhood bar at it's best with Fish 'N Chips to boot! Dart Shoots weekly and Texas Holdem tournaments every night. (360) 676-1755

East Sound Water Users Association - This Orcas Island water users website tells how to join, how to volunteer and what to do in an emergency and does it very pictorially. Take a look. (360) 376-2127

Country Corner Grocery & Deli - large grocery stock, gas, diesel, propane, firewood, bait, laundry, storage, and deli menu! Wine Store is now a 420 store!

1st Class Phone Card - Under the umbrella of Central Source Yellow Pages, I created the first website for this joint USPS/American Express product.

STONE GROUND BAKERY - This site was developed to reflect the already existant brochure. I wanted to do more than just duplicate the static brochure, so I added a story-telling feature. This site has been redone and is at Stone Ground Bakery.

Kamp-Data - Kamp Data provides Dexterity software modules that interface seamlessly with Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise accounting software. Now at: (406) 404-2036

It's A Miracle Center - Seminars, workshops and retreats. Established in 1993 for the purpose of spiritual education. We honor all paths. The original website is not available. This website now resides at

Unity Spiritual Center Original - This original website based on logos and designs long held as dear to the Unity community was redone later and resides at Unity of Salt Lake