Hi !!

My name is Karen Millar and I’ve been creating websites since 1995. Whoa you say! That’s me – on the crest of the wave a lot of my life. I moved around a bit… helped put together one of the first online telephone books then moved on to bigger and better things. I put the first classes online at the Unversity of Utah. In the background, I was always getting together a website for some small business or other. Things have kind of slowed down in the past few years, but lately I heard things are picking up again. So very many folks are using their cell phones to find stuff these days that you “have to” have a mobile-responsive site. OK, I thought; I’m more than halfway there with all my experience in cascading style sheets. I just needed to add another small set of terminology. Well, guess what? I’ve done that and I am ready to hit the ground running with you.

… I really first started doing websites in 1993, when the web was only available through universities. The only browser was LINX; six months or so later, a browser called Cello emerged with images and a lot more formatting. We were all using Notepad for editing. It was some time before there were WYSIWYG editors; later came Mozilla, and then the rest is history.

My province has been one of website design, hosting and maintenance. In other words, suffice it to say that I can edit HTML and scripting by hand, use most commercial editors without preamble and have advanced skills using PhotoShop. For many years, I hosted websites on my virtual private server at ViaVerio, but now I recommend GODADDY to clients due to their excellent support and exceptional pricing.

With HTML websites, I can teach anyone who has intermediate experience with Word to edit their own site. I will create a standard website that is non-proprietary and has somewhat generic code so that you can use any free webpage editor. I’ll provide the free software and teach you how to use it.

With responsive websites, we’ll start out with what is called a story board. I use a basic one size fits all that I’ve spent some time designing, with Cascading Style Sheets defining how the page will collapse and reconfigure for the smaller sized devices. I’ve got it down to a bit of a science, so I don’t need 26 style sheets and 6 complete versions of the website.

SIMPLE. That’s how I like it. What do you say?


When you’re thoroughly disgusted with other prices, come to me.